Things to know before you start Mindful Monkey Program

Welcome to Mindful Monkey "Stop Your Worries Online Program LEVEL 1!

With a help of your teacher Ashleigh and Mindful Monkey, you will discover:

  1. Why Mindful Monkey is your great friend.
  2. How to stretch and relax your body.
  3. How your body and mind can help you calm down.
  4. How to find out what worries you.
  5. Ways to deal with worries and stress.
  6. Your strengths and talents.

This program includes eight Zoom-like videos with mindful activities. It is designed for use on mobile devices. You will feel like attending a live-streamed class but you will be also equipped with additional tools - Mindful Package.

Ashleigh, your instructor, will guide you through colouring pages and tasks to complete. Remember to print out attached pages before starting each session.

IMPORTANT: To fully benefit from Mindful Monkey Program, you need a Mindful Package (physical tools that include: Mindful Monkey, Feeling Rocks and Mindful Cards). When making online order a package gets send to you - remember to wait for it before starting this course.

What do you need to start Mindful Monkey sessions (checklist)?

Every time before you turn a video on, please:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable space to join your instructor Ashleigh
  • Have your Mindful Monkey, Feeling Rocks, Mindful Cards, coloured pencils and selected pages printed and ready to go
  • Ask an adult to help you out if you need an assistance
  • Check before each video if you need any extra tools
  • Wear comfortable cloths
  • Invite a friend to join you!

You can be sure that after 8 weeks of fun with Ashleigh your worries will fade away. Do not forget to grab your certificate after your last class!

Have fun!

Hopefully you will enjoy our program and have a giggle each time you see Mindful Monkey and cheeky froggy stop motion clips! Szymon (12 yo) had lots of fun making them and editing. A perfect activity for homeschooling projects. Maybe you will get inspired to make your own videos! Not only it requires an imagination, but also patience and focus. Sounds like a great activity to become more mindful and to forget about worries.

You can download and print out a whole Mindful Monkey Workbook at the beginning of the course or only selected pages each week.

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